Friday, 8 June 2012

Little Ladybird

Like all mothers I plan, I organize, but since ceasing my classroom duties, I find that my creative flair has been somewhat stifled! For Little Angel's first birthday, we went straight for my favourite picture story book, The Hungry Caterpillar. For her second birthday, I thought Ladybirds (or Lady bugs depending on where you live!) 
As I started to Google cake ideas, decoration ideas I remembered making ladybirds to demonstrate halves and doubles with my junior classes. I found a Black Line Master hidden in my rarely touched filing cabinet, rejigged it to make it easier to cut out, and found some sticky black dots (my Aunty worked at a label factory so I had heaps!)  

As I was making these Ladybirds I thought that I’d keep them for when Little Angel is ready for one to one counting and subitizing work. My DH (& Little Monkey Apps programmer) thought I was mad for making the decorations until I explained what I was going to use them for later on…

To cut a long story short, that is how Ladybird Maths began.
Like our other Apps, the initial idea always stems from something I found valuable in the classroom. When we flesh out ideas we end up with several activities that are springboards into other areas. The ‘teaching module’ always comes first in my planning, then the activities.  
I know I harp on about this but remember that Apps are only ONE way of presenting material. Use blocks, counters, real life experiences followed up by iPad work and written work (yes in some schools this is a dirty word but for heavens sake!)  

We hope you enjoy Little Monkey Apps Lady Bird Maths

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