Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fraction Wall

Whenever we create apps, we make them because WE would like to use them in our classrooms. We don't make "stuff" that already exists! Those who know me personally and professionally are used to my somewhat 'laid back vocabulary' but know that underneath everything that happens in the classroom or in the apps we make, is a strongly held belief (knowledge and understanding) about best practice and pedagogy. I can fire out the vocabulary and knowledge if you'd like, but lets not alienate non-certified parent-teachers, or use too much jargon or latest buzz words. More importantly, I am data driven teacher, (not testing driven) and have a passion for hands on approaches. (Refer my previous ramblings on MAB for example!) 

So far our app sales have allowed us to buy some new tech and take a little bit of unpaid leave, finance my further studies. We are not a large company. It is just the three (well two) of us plodding away making apps that I would like for my classroom (or for tutoring students). We have only made ONE app with an in-app purchase just to dabble with what that meant. 

The testing phase involves students using the app, finding bugs, and us as educators noticing that we wouldn't use it the way we thought we would.

We are teachers. You are a teacher. (Whether a certified, trained, paid one or a unpaid parent-teacher) You will probably want something different than what we want. That's okay, Let us know what you think either by emailing us at

or the feedback button on our web page


Here's a sneak peak and five free codes for those people who would like to know what our new app Fraction Wall is all about!


Remember, read the teacher instructions before you dabble, extended ideas are on the website, or watch me rambling on about it on the video on the website.

Worldwide codes, due to expire on the 21st of December 2012

Please post a "gone" statement in comment section so others know you've used it!



  1. Thank you Little Monkey Apps, code 7L7X4LMLE3WY is gone. Look forward to using this in my classroom.

  2. I used 77PXERAYFT3A. Thank you!

  3. KPKR6JLY4KML is gone. thanks so much... can't wait to explore!

  4. Thank you so much! I got LAR94K9RAR6R